STAY Safe On Beldara

How Ensures Perfect Payment Security:

One of the most common myths associated with online shopping is that it’s not safe. Well, this is not true. Though there are risks associated with online transactions on untrustworthy websites, if a user makes use of reliable websites like, he or she doesn’t need to worry about any payment problems. We strive to make payments as safe as possible and to make the entire payment process easier, we have launched our own payment platform, BeldaraPay.

So, what’s so unique about BeldaraPay that motivates users to trust it? Read on to know.

1. Data Safety Guarantee:

We make use of TLS encryption to ensure total safety of your data. We understand that the online payment system begins as soon as you, the user visits our website. So, the TLS certificate we have with us will assure you that the data transmitted between your browser and our server are safe. We make use of the ever-reliable SSL certificate that is known as Extended Validity SSL or EV SSL. You should know that if we hadn’t had TLS encryption in place, all the data sent over the internet would be visible to anyone who has the interest and the means to misuse it. Our website has the trustworthy ‘HTTPS://’ protocol and not the usual ‘HTTP://’ protocol. The small “s” in the URL is there to let you know that we have a secure e-payment system. We also have the padlock icon located before the start of the URL which further assures you that is safe. In cases where the URL safety is threatened, most web browsers will write unsecured, which indicates that you should better return to safety.

2. Compliance with International Standards:

Another reason to trust to offer complete payment security is that we are PCI-DSS compliant and follow all the directives expected by PCI. For the uninitiated, PCI Security Standards Council is a global organization responsible for maintaining and promoting compliance rules regarding the management of cardholder data for all websites offering online payments. A set of policies govern the process according to which the information of a cardholder should be handled. These policies are known as PCI-DSS and stand for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

The crucial directives of PCI follow stringent are:

  • Maintaining a secure network for the processing of payments. This requires making use of robust firewalls that can protect you from malicious security threats. Also, the use of default credentials must not be there, and you must be given the power to change the data whenever you want.
  • Making sure that data shared via TLS or transport layer security is encrypted during transmission to avoid an interception. We never store your sensitive information like PINs, CVV numbers, etc. The debit or credit card information is only used to process and complete an order on
  • Keeping the infrastructure secure by knowing about all the latest PCI-DSS mandates and making use of advanced software as well as spyware. The latter aims to avoid software vulnerabilities.
  • Restricting who can access information by ensuring that only authorized people can access cardholder data, no matter whether the data is stored physically or electronically.
  • 3. 2FA: also makes use of two-factor authentication, also known as two-step verification or 2FA. In this step, an extra layer of security is added to ensure that your payment is processed securely. In this verification process, you need to share a detail that only you know or have a security key or a physical token. Only after sharing that, your transaction would be processed.

    For instance, when you use net banking, you need to share your username and password. This is the first step of authentication. Then you need to provide an OTP number sent to your mobile. This is the second step of authentication.

    4. Preventing Frauds:

    We have also developed a few other fraud and risk prevention systems by making use of big data analytics and machine learning. The risk prevention and mitigation systems are so equipped that we can detect most suspicious transactions accurately and prevent loss of money.

    What Can You Do?

    Now that you know how Beldara helps you to stay safe during online transactions, it’s time to learn a few things that will make you a smart customer and negate the risk of any online fraud.

  • First, you should never share your passwords, OTP or card details with anyone, even if the person claims to be from

  • Secondly, you should try to opt for strong passwords, try not to write them down, but memorize them and you should change all the passwords often.
  • Thirdly, when you think that a transaction has been made from the bank account that wasn’t authorized by you, contact the bank and make use of the legal right to a resolution.
  • If you still have questions regarding how ensures perfect payment security, feel free to contact us and let us explain to you in plainer terms.

    We can assure you, the team of works hard constantly and does everything we can to ensure that your payments are safer and your buying/selling experience is always hassle-free.