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How to increase Sale Fast

We provide multiple suppliers to our customers so that they get a choice to select at best possible price.

Sell items online on BELDARA is different from selling to an individual consumer. We are the mediators in these is like a third party to help you out in any of your business related problem:

Easy Business on BELDARA :

To increase sales, We makes it easy for you to register online on our website to get buyers inquiry. Sell Items online to Increase product sales, We expect from you:

Though there are many ways to increase the number of sales you get every day, some of them are mentioned over here:

  • Make sure to pick the right product category
  • Product Title needs to be a minimum of 60 characters and should cover key points like size, color, material type, etc.
  • The main image should have a clear white background. You need to provide 6 other images that cover a product from different angles. It is also essential that the images must not contain any contact details, website name or a copyright mark by another entity. See here Image guideline.
  • Insert proper keywords in the content to make it SEO and search engine friendly.
  • Make sure you sell the product at competitive prices and keep the shipping charges reasonable.
  • Add a product description and specification wherever required.
  • The features should be restricted to 3-4 main bullet points.
  • Offer a wide variety of products.
  • Do not send too many attachments to the consumers.
  • Avoid sending too many promotional emails or messages.
  • Be prompt in replying to buyer inquiries.
  • Do not lie to the customer regarding the availability of goods, it’s delivery or anything else as it may tarnish your reputation.
  • Use regularly and check your account multiple times a day.
  • Add a product description and specification wherever required.

  • Buy leads :

    If you are looking for any kind of business enquiries online, thus the Beldara will offer you buyers inquiries according to your needs & they will be verified by System or our experts.

    Verified suppliers :

    This tool will add a Advantage to business listing on the platform, It will help to shows that the member is a trustworthy partner so it easy to make connection from genuine buyers and suppliers.

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