Company Overview is a global B2B marketplace that enables businesses to sell internationally by enhancing their marketing efforts, sales processes and improving efficiencies. We offer top of the line technology infrastructure to help your business reach new levels of success along with providing innovative marketing tools that help you to reach the right customers at the right time and place.

Though success can’t be measured in numbers, here are a few stats we are proud of. We get 2.5 Millions product views in a month, we have expanded our reach in more than 65+ countries and we have over 40 product categories right now. We intend to boost these numbers in the future because we understand that numbers matter when it comes to making Beldara’s presence felt in the global-e-commerce scenario.

As a global B2B marketplace, we aim to connect buyers and suppliers from different nations or even continents to ensure that they kick off import and export according to their needs. As engaging with users is essential for the success of any business, We offer access to the latest technology tools that help you to connect with thousands of customers and go beyond the geographical boundaries.

The essence of our business is to help consumers, brands, retailers, merchants, other businesses, strategic alliance partners and third-party service providers to reach new levels of success every day and be happy with every transaction done at As we understand the importance of key players at the global levels, we have found scores of buyers and trusted sellers in prominent countries like India, China, Europe, Middle East and the US.

The success of our B2B marketplace depends on the level of customer service we provide. Hence, everyone from an executive working for Beldara to the CEO is eager to help the clients attain satisfaction. We are a Global B2B marketplace that actually cares about customer satisfaction and happiness rather than just the numbers!

Our Vision

Beldara hopes to be the Largest Global B2B marketplace that is admired for its honesty and loved for the quality of products/services rendered.

  • Strong Interactions

    We help millions of buyers and sellers to interact every day as interaction can be the stepping stone of satisfactory sales.

  • Leveraging Technology

    Our team makes use of the latest technologies like analytics tools to map buyer's expectations and guide sellers to meet the same.

  • Developing Strong Bonds

    Everyone from our buyers, sellers, employees and stakeholders are always in the loop on what we are planning to do in the future. We don’t leave anyone out!

  • Expanding Our Reach

    The team of will always launch new categories and offer innovative products to ensure that buyers and sellers don’t need any other excuse to visit us than just wondering “what’s new at today.”

  • Outliving Other Global Marketplaces hopes to last for more than a century and serve customers whatever they expect or deserve. Operating for 100 years is just one of the milestones we hope to achieve in a series of magnificent milestones that we want to achieve.

What We Have

For Buyers

Buyers can get in touch with suppliers and manufacturers in a cost-effective manner

Buyers can access complete information about the suppliers and manufacturers they are trusting

Buyers also get access to industry-specific details of all industries listed on the website.

For Suppliers

Suppliers can get complete support in marketing their products and services

Suppliers can gain visibility across different parts of the world as Beldara has global reach

Suppliers can get noticed by scores of buyers who visit regularly

Suppliers also get genuine trade inquiries by legit buyers

Suppliers can list their products or services in any category they want

Suppliers can get live view of his buyers

Suppliers can communicate with buyers in their local language

Our Values

  • Customers Are a Priority has become a leading B2B marketplace because it always puts the customers, buyers, sellers, and manufacturers first and caters to all their needs at all times.

  • Teamwork Builds Trust promotes teamwork because it can let ordinary people achieve extraordinary levels of success time and again. Working in teams also builds trust and remove the barriers of race, age or gender!

  • Change is Vital

    At, change is encouraged and appreciated. We keep up with the global e-commerce trends and constantly learn to enhance ourselves as a leading Global B2B marketplace.

  • Integrity Can’t be Ignored

    Anyone who is associated with Beldara has the highest possible levels of honesty and integrity. We never lie, cheat or follow any unethical business practices.

  • Passion Makes Perfect

    Each person associated with Beldara has a passion for what he or she is doing. This passion drives our people to strive for excellence every day and deliver exceptional results!

  • Commitment is Crucial

    All the people associated with Beldara, a leading B2B marketplace are committed to keeping the customer happy. They are rewarded for their enthusiasm if they go the extra mile for the customers!

  • Empowerment is Essential

    We empower our employees to assist customers in the best possible manner. We also empower suppliers to spread their wings and encourage buyers to settle for nothing but the best!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Beldara as your preferred B2B marketplace will be a smart decision. Here’s a list of all the good stuff we offer that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • No Boundaries

    When you trust us, you will have the opportunity to buy and sell goods & services not within country boundaries but across the globe too.

  • Superior Security

    The security we offer is world class. All the international transactions are done in a 100% secure environment that includes the use of top of the line SSL technology.

  • Customer is King

    As one of our services, we have the option of holding the payments made by the customers until the customers receive the shipment. Once a customer is happy, the payment is released.

  • Laudable Logistics

    As a leading B2B marketplace, at Beldara we understand the importance of right logistics. Therefore, we have partnered with multiple logistics providers to cater to the shipment handling of the products offered. We help in ensuring hassle-free delivery of all shipments across the world.

  • Talented Team

    Our highly qualified, skilled, educated and enthusiastic team ensures that you get professional services that help you to grow your business globally and take it to the next level.

  • Wider Visibility

    We ensure that you make the most of our global B2B marketplace by getting exposure to clients from all over the world. We promote your products and services constantly to help you get a step closer to the buyers. Every manufacturer and seller can access technology trends, market research and infrastructure needed to connect with buyers from different backgrounds and nations.

  • Accurate Lead Status also helps you to track customer leads to your products to ensure you know buyer’s likes and dislikes, response to particular products, etc. You are also free to create customer lead status as per your preferences to ensure it supports your workflow.

  • Easy to Manage Employee Sub Accounts

    In case you don’t want to manage your account at yourself, you can get access to 6 employee sub-accounts that can be used by everyone from the sales in-charge or your company to the digital marketing manager. These accounts can be used to manage sales, generate reports, answer buyer inquiries, keep an eye on feedback, customize the store and meet customer expectations in every way.

  • Multi-Language Chat Features supports multi-language chat features between buyers and sellers. The chat can be accessed via any device be it a tablet or a smart phone.

  • Efficient Email and SMS Campaigns is among the few global B2B marketplaces that allow you to make use of effective email and SMS campaigns for various aims like increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, promoting new products or services, increasing client engagement, gathering feedback and much more.

  • Sponsored Products

    In case you want to boost the visibility of a specific listing on, your preferred B2B marketplace, you can sponsor the products and get them more visibility on the search results and product detail pages. It is a sure shot way of increasing visibility and driving sales numbers.

  • Special Offers

    Manufacturers and suppliers can create special offers on the products to boost seasonal or festive sales. You can do it easily at, a global B2B marketplace by choosing the type of promotion you need to create and sharing details of the offer to catch customer's eyes.