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Global B2B marketplace that enables businesses to


Company Overview

Beldara is a global B2B marketplace that enables businesses to sell internationally by enhancing their marketing efforts, sales processes and improving efficiencies. We offer top of the line technology infrastructure to help your business reach new levels of success along with providing innovative marketing tools that help you to reach the right customers at the right time and place..

about us
Connect Buyers and suppliers from different nations

As a global B2B marketplace, we aim to connect buyers and suppliers from different nations or even continents to ensure that they kick off import and export according to their needs. As engaging with users is essential for the success of any business, We offer access to the latest technology tools that help you to connect with thousands of customers and go beyond the geographical boundaries.

The essence of our business is to help consumers, brands, retailers, merchants, other businesses, strategic alliance partners and third-party service providers to reach new levels of success every day and be happy with every transaction done at
Currently, we have 30 plus categories, but we expect to take beyond the century mark someday. To acheive that, all our team members are working hard day after day. as we understand the importance of key players at the global levels, we have found scores of buyers and trusted sellers in prominent countries like India, China and the US.
The success of our B2B marketplace depends on the level of customer service we provide. Hence, everyone from an executive working for Beldara to the CEO is eager to help the clients attain satisfaction. We are a Global B2B marketplace that actually cares about customer satisfaction and happiness rather than just the numbers!